Nutrix Whey Protein Powder

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Nutrix Whey Protein Powder helps to support muscle building and complete fitness goals successfully. It is rich in natural occurring BCAAs with high biological value. It aids in building lean muscles and delivers glutamine to all fitness freaks. Nutrix whey protein powder is gluten free, is unflavoured and can be easily used to create a protein shake as per ones taste. Key Ingredients: Key Benefits: Source of high quality whey protein as a key ingredient providing all essential and non essential amino acids required for healthy and active lifestyle Nutrix whey is neutral in taste and easy to digest, assimilates well and stimulates protein synthesis It is natural protein in its raw form that helps gain to lean mass It promotes muscle building and induces muscle gain & its synthesis It effectively helps in reduction of muscle loss It ensure that we get maximum protein and nutrients as it is preserved in its original form

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