Atrauman Bandage

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Atrauman Bandage is a low adherent dressing.It is consist of fine weave, polyester dressing, impregnated with non medicated, non petroleum based triglyceride for atraumatic wound treatment. Triglyceride based impregnation less residue in the wound than traditional paraffin gauze dressings. Hydrophobic polyester fabric helps prevent dressing adherence to wound tissue. Usage: Suitable for managing minor burns, scalds and abrasions . Provides a moist, protective wound contact layer. Economical in use Product. Atrauman have an antibacterial effect against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria when in direct contact with the dressing; impregnated with a neutral ointment mass without additives; permeable to exudate, particularly soft and good drapable, does not stick to the wound; even effective during long-term use and they are neither sensitized nor allergising and have an antibacterial effect for at least 7 days. For the treatment of superficial, acute and chronic wounds of any type; as well as for the complementary use in the treatment of infected wounds or wounds that show a high bacterial contamination. Atrauman has been used on a variety of acute and chronic wounds.

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