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Pharmacognosy is the study of drugs in their crude condition. It is one of the branches of Pharmacology, which in its broad sense consists of the study of remedial agents or Materia Medica. Study of Pharmacognosy would include the knowledge of drugs with reference to botany and chemistry, if of vegetable origin or of their zoology and chemistry if derived from the animal kingdom. The infrastructure of the Department includes state of the art laboratory with all the facilities for isolation, characterization and estimation of phyto-constitutents. It is meant to familiarize students about various plant families with charts and photographs of crude drugs for morphological studies, enriched with specimen of various medicinal plants and quantitative microscopy. The Department is also well equipped. The Laboratory provides esteemed guidelines to the students regarding natural sources of drugs and Phytochemical screening through various instruments like Binocular microscope, Projecting microscope, TLC spreader, Muffle furnace, Clevenger’s apparatus and Soxhlet’s apparatus for isolation of various active constituents. We assist regional people for the identification of medicinal plants by providing important morphological features of original medicinal plants located in herbarium museum. Medicinal garden within the campus is there to cater the need of Pharmacognosy department. The medicinal plants are tagged with their biological nomenclature and categories used in Phytochemistry and Pharmacognosy. In Pharmacognosy museum, we have 200 medicinal crude plants available with its nomenclature. In future, the department will also going to start M. Pharm in the subject, hence we are planning to expand the garden in terms of introducing new medicinal plants and also make broad in terms of equipments.

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