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The history of genesis of R.G.Kar Medical College dates back to later half of the Nineteenth Century. Then, our country was under the British rule. The influence of English literature and culture was gradually creeping in to the minds of the young society. This was gradually clearing the superstations prevailing in the society. Simultaneously a great sense of Nationalism was growing among all sections of the population. The public health was in an appalling state in Calcutta and rest of Bengal. The diseased population was at mercy of untrained physicians and quack doctors. The British Government was making life difficult for the Native Indian doctors. Not only there was salary discrepancy with the British doctors but also they were humiliated in every possible opportunity and even tortured. So multiple factors, like the developing Nationalist movement, discriminating behavior of British Government, the great urge to serve the ailing poor Indians and most importantly the desire to spread medical education among talented young people gave birth to the dream of developing a Non Government Medical Educational Institute. Dr. Radha Gobinda Kar, son of Dr. Durga Das Kar was a lion hearted personality who gave the required push to this dream to make it a reality. Dr. Kar returned from UK in 1886. He had no wish to serve the torturing, discriminating, racist British Government. The poor health facility provided to the fellow countrymen on one hand and talented educated young nationalistic people on the other forced Dr. Kar to think about developing a Non Govt. medical teaching institute, which will provide Indian doctors to serve their poor countrymen.

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