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India with its teeming multitudes is a land of variation. At one end of the spectrum, it is poised to lead the world in software, boasts of the largest metropolitan urban centers and the richest individuals. On the other end of this spectrum is 70% of its rural population, with probably the lowest literacy and income levels in the world. It was this weakest link in the world’s largest democracy that Mahatma Gandhi wanted the benefits of development to reach. He understood that the nation could become strong only by strengthening its weakest link. VSPM Academy of Higher Education (VSPM AHE), Nagpur has made this objective its mission. Since its very inception in 1971, it has untiringly toiled amongst the most backward regions and the least privileged to provide them the opportunity to become self-reliant. Its focus has been extremely clear. It has emphasized on education, social upliftment and the removal of social evils. The result of the last three decades of efforts has been the setting-up of 55 quality education institutions right from pre-primary schools to medical college, setting-up of social institutions for the backward, women and innumerable programs for removal of social evils.

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