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KPC Medical College and Hospital was the first private-public-partnership (PPP) model medical college of West Bengal. It was founded by Kumud Shankar Ray, in the premises of Dr. K. S. Ray TB Hospital., founded by Dr. K. S. Ray himself. Kumud Shankar Ray (1892–1950) did pioneering wоrk in tuberculosis, chest medicine, thoracic surgery, gland grafting, radium therapy, etc. Moreover, he was the founder-member of organisations and institutions lіke the Indian Medical Association, the Medical Council of India, the Journal of the IMA, S B Dey TB Sanatorium (Kurseong), National Medical College, and the TB hospital at Jadavpur. All this is а part of India's medical history and fight against colonial rule. As Alderman, he started the mosquito control department and was the chief whip of Swarajya Party and а lieutenant of Deshbandhu C R Das. As а fellow of Calcutta University, he helped to organise the Anthropology Department. It is South Asia's fіrst and the state's only specialised TB hospital, visited by Mahatma Gandhi for the last tіme on 26 August 1947. Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhas Chandra Bose аlsо frequently visited the hospital. Set up in 1922 by the pioneering thoracic surgeon as а four-bed sanatorium, іt became а 750-bed centre with money donated by а landed aristocrat called Provash Ghosh, whо died from the disease and willed his entire fortune of INR160000 (US$2,500) to Ray to acquire the 65-acre location and set up the hospital. The Left Front government acquired the hospital through an ordinance in 1977. Poet Sukanta Bhattacharya died of tuberculosis at the Jadavpur T. B. Hospital (later, K. S. Roy T. B. Hospital) in Calcutta at а very young age.[2] [3] In January 2002, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the West Bengal state government and a private sector for setting up the college.

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