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Vellore Town is the capital. of Vellore District Geographically; this hlstortcal town. is situated about 140 km from Chennai City and has easy accessibility by Road, railway route. The Govt.Vellore Medical College is just 15 km away from katpadi Junction. The town is as ancient as 1500 years. The town was very popular during Pallava and Cholas period. During Nayakar Dynasty this town became more popular with fort and temple. The town was placed in the history of independence as the place where seppoy mutiny started probably because of its safe location protected from natural calamities and availability of food sources, this town remained as a battle field for various dynastic. The present century has placed the town for the famous Christian Medical College and in the recent past becoming town for Education of various fields.The statement given by the former collector of this town "Sri. belliappa stands true even now" the presence' of the renewed, Christian Medical College in the same town has not in the least diminished the presence on the Govt. Pentland Hospital this is evident by the large number of patients who came for treatment and expenses of facilities in the. various branches of Medical Sciences" Golden Jubilee of GPH 1968.At presence this institute stands a referral centre, for neighboring districts including chittoor of Andhira Pradesh, Kanchipuram and Thiruvannamalai District. ..

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