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In the early years of 1900, there were one or two male doctors in Udupi town. Pregnant women had no access to medical aid provided by the male doctors. Meanwhile, a young lady of fourteen got a divine inspired desire to study medicine, quite unaware about Udupi nor India. Obstacles were many on the road of her preparing to become a doctor. But her strong spirit gave her the momentum to go on unwavering. Dr. Eva Lombard, a medical missionary from Geneva, Switzerland, deeply moved by the plight of Indian women during the illness and confinement, started this Hospital, exclusively for women and children on 15th June, 1923 with just six Inpatient beds. In those days, women patients had no access to Medical aid provided by male doctors.News of a lady doctor’s arrival spread like air and people started coming in line-some to get medicine and some to just see this “Amma” who did not wear a saree! This was only a start-very small indeed, with one doctor, two nurses and a few other Helpers, struggling to care for the sick with only six beds at hand. Later, need was felt to alter and improve the Hospital and to enlarge it. Started with twenty patients, this Hospital catered to the varied medical needs of the people around. All were grateful to God that at last somebody had come to treat the women of Udupi and its surroundings.

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