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Changing Trends in Corporate Gifting

Gifting has always been a major part of celebrations all over the world. While it’s been a part of every culture since time immemorial, gifting techniques have been changing as we progress. Today, in the era of minimalism, everyone looks at what to give that doesn’t pile up and get stacked in a storeroom for the next 20 years before realizing it is eating up space.

India is a diverse country, and traditions are valued more than anything in our culture. Festivals are quite a celebration for every class in Indian society and gifting is one of the most important aspects. With time this has grown bigger with shopping sales and corporate gifting. With a number of festivals where gifting has always been a ritual and tradition where either the mothers-in-law are gifting something to their daughters-in-law, or a brother to his sister and a sister to her brother, with time the tradition of gifting has become popular in the corporate world too. However, with the biggest festival of India Diwali, the gifting size and feel also grows bigger. And that’s quite a huge motivation for everyone.

Corporate Gifting

While gifting is a part of many organizations, corporate gifting is a unique way to make their employees feel valued and important. Corporate gifting gained popularity in the recent few years. While festivals are many, of all Diwali is the most popular and biggest festival celebrated with exclusive sales all over the country. Many corporates also opine that Diwali is the festival of wealth. It started with a simple bonus, but creativity has its own ways to fit in. Corporate gifting then started involving office-related stationery initially and the idea scaled up to more personalized gifts to make employees feel their services are needed. It not only makes one feel elevated but also enhances the person’s self-esteem.

Corporate gifting has ever since only looked ahead to growing more innovative and larger than just gifting for the sake of the festival. It has rather become a culture that brings together people making them feel like one corporate family while at work. It is also a great way to present employees with work-life balance.

The traditional vs trending gift ideas in the corporate world

Diwali is one of the main festivals of India and is celebrated with great pomp. It is the festive feeling that syncs half the motivation to set all the gloom aside and start afresh with a gift. Gifting has popularly always been about sweets boxes, dinner sets, flasks for hot boxes that simply occupy extra kitchen space, and most corporate stick to the same. While this has been going on since people think they are the best gifts for families, here a thought that everyone must consider. How about gifting health? Health is as big as the festival, but the only difference is Diwali comes once a year and health are what stays with us every single day, minute and second.

As the festival is fondly celebrated, why not choose a healthy gift to compensate for all that sweet intake with health cards and vouchers that come with discounts on health checks and treatments. If you’re thinking about how is this a motivation for employees, it’s quite simple. Health is what allows you to perform better. Isn’t it? While Diwali is just around the corner, and minimalism is a huge factor in the current generation, gifting has become easy with e-commerce gift cards and much more. Instead of sweets and baskets of fruits, a health card or as simple and a gift card to shop what you like has become the most trendy way to bring a smile of your loved one’s face.

Corporates are quite professionally driven to make the most out of the occasions. Hence, small quick gifts such as organizers and health cards sell like hotcakes with a dollop of health and confidence. So, it’s time to make your choice. What is your company gifting its employees?

Well, health is the best way to bring in more wealth. And it’s a noble gift too! Happy Diwali and Happy Gifting 2020!

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