Add Event

Planning to Host a Live Event?

You would be having a million questions. When to start? Which venue would best suit your need? How to find the right speakers and so on……

Before, During and After Event:

All Aspects of Your Event Do Matter, Keeping this in mind we have designed end-to-end event management solutions. Be it an hour, day, or a week-long event, all you need to do is to create an event and let DocBizz do the rest for you

  • Venue Management
  • Finding right speaker
  • Publishing Agendas
  • Registration & bookings
  • Getting attendees
  • Travel & accommodation assistance
  • Identify Attendees: Badging Systems
  • Engage Attendees: Interaction tools
  • Publish Case studies
  • Reviews
  • Event proceedings
  • Upload Videos
  • Gain Insights: Behaviour analytics

Turn your live events into a virtual one

Hosting a virtual event requires similar planning as that of an in-person event. You need speakers to chair the sessions, get people to know about it, connect them all in a virtual environment, and so on…

Be it a small event with 50 attendees or a one with 5,000 attendees, DocBizz allows you to host an impactful event that extends well beyond a computer screen.

  • Event Registration & Listings
  • Inviting speakers
  • Growing your audience
  • Accept Bookings & Payments
  • Upload resources
  • Automated Event Feeds & reminders
  • Technical Support: Video conferencing tools, Engagement tools, Host multi-track sessions
  • Speed & Security: Cloud hosted platform architecture allows hosting in a secured and compliant envirnoment
  • Publish stream highlights
  • Track event performance: Session ratings & feedbacks

Organize Events

To organize an event generally, you would have to maneuver around speakers & attendees; spread the word about it, look for tools to host it & also strategize it to retain delegates, speakers, and sponsors.

DocBizz allows you to create events, find & reach out right keynote speakers, capture attendees, accept bookings, and host events from a single source.