About Us

DocBizz is a bridge between healthcare event organizers, speakers, and seekers. You can create and manage events (live/virtual) of all types like Webinars, Seminar, Live streaming, Workshops, Symposiums, Conferences, and Summits. Healthcare specialists conforming to the event chair these events. At DocBizz, a seeker includes both individuals and groups.

Planning to Host a Live Event?

You would be having a million questions. When to start? Which venue would best suit your need? How to find the right speakers and so on……

Before, During and After Event:

All Aspects of Your Event Do Matter, Keeping this in mind we have designed end-to-end event management solutions. Be it an hour, day, or a week-long event, all you need to do is to create an event and let DocBizz do the rest for you

  • Venue Management
  • Finding right speaker
  • Publishing Agendas
  • Registration & bookings
  • Getting attendees
  • Travel & accommodation assistance
  • Identify Attendees: Badging Systems
  • Engage Attendees: Interaction tools
  • Publish Case studies
  • Reviews
  • Event proceedings
  • Upload Videos
  • Gain Insights: Behaviour analytics

Turn your live events into a virtual one

Hosting a virtual event requires similar planning as that of an in-person event. You need speakers to chair the sessions, get people to know about it, connect them all in a virtual environment, and so on…

Be it a small event with 50 attendees or a one with 5,000 attendees, DocBizz allows you to host an impactful event that extends well beyond a computer screen.

  • Event Registration & Listings
  • Inviting speakers
  • Growing your audience
  • Accept Bookings & Payments
  • Upload resources
  • Automated Event Feeds & reminders
  • Technical Support: Video conferencing tools, Engagement tools, Host multi-track sessions
  • Speed & Security: Cloud hosted platform architecture allows hosting in a secured and compliant envirnoment
  • Publish stream highlights
  • Track event performance: Session ratings & feedbacks

Organize Events

To organize an event generally, you would have to maneuver around speakers & attendees; spread the word about it, look for tools to host it & also strategize it to retain delegates, speakers, and sponsors.

DocBizz allows you to create events, find & reach out right keynote speakers, capture attendees, accept bookings, and host events from a single source.

Speak at Events

Register as a DocBizz speaker and let the world hear you. Promote your profile to organizers and get featured in worldwide events. Create event materials, publish research findings, upload videos, and improve your credibility.


Search and discover events of your interest virtually or near to your location. Take advantage of our early bird pricing, discounts & promo codes during event registrations & bookings.

Attend and stay updated with the current research. Create and cultivate your professional work. Earn & track your CME credits.